Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Queen Bitch and Pre-Published vs. Unpublished

I woke up this morning and realized I'd been rather quiet on my blog lately. But I've got a good reason. I've been working on editing - editing a story that I want to get out to my line-editing critique partner so I can submit it to an epublisher.

Speaking of epublishers, if you didn't see my news from last week, I was asked by a publisher to submit my werewolf novel, tentatively titled Queen Bitch of Callowwood, for consideration. Last week, they sent me a contract for the publication of Queen Bitch and the novel should be released next year.

I am so excited! This is a dream come true after 25 years of writing stories and hoping to be published. It didn't come without a lot of hard work and effort, particularly letting go of my words, allowing others correct the weaknesses in the story, and rewriting, rewriting, rewriting. I can't tell you how excited I feel with my first contract in hand.

This doesn't mean the hard work is over, it just means I've gotten my foot in the door. Now another editor looks over it and tells me what else I have to modify to make the story the most refined version it can be. I'm looking forward to it despite the changes that may be coming. And also, I'm looking forward to the promotion of it because "published doesn't mean read" and unless folks know the book is there, they won't read it.

So, never give up on the dream of writing. Queen Bitch is not my first completed novel; it's not even my second, but it is the best one so far and the others I've written, after much love and editing, will be out where you can read them, too. Eventually. I've certainly had some demands from some of the Six Sentence Sunday crowd for a few of them! ;)

Good writing is rewriting and and good stories are only good because they've been "peer-reviewed". Take the time and effort and it will pay off in dividends.

Keep writing, keep editing, and eventually someone will ask for your stories (only took me 25 years). ;) It's worth it and the joy you feel when someone wants it is incredible. I dressed up for the occasion.

 Well, okay, it was also Halloween, but I felt like such a star and I got to wear my elbow-length gloves and Cinderella heels.

One thing I'd like to add. If you want to be a published author; you want to make a go of this profession and you're not just dabbling in it, start referring to yourself as a "pre-published" author, rather than an "unpublished" author. It might not seem like a big difference, but mentally, the prefix "pre" sets you up with determination, while "un" suggests you might not ever make it.

Think of it this way: it worked for me. My career in the writing field shot forward after I began calling myself a "pre-published" author. Good luck in all your writing and never give up; never surrender! Happy reading! :)

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