Monday, June 13, 2011

Quick Notes

Hey, folks, I'm just popping in for a few short moments to give some news, then I'm back to it! I'll leave you with a bullet list so this will be quick and easy. ;)
  • Pop on over to Morgan Kearns' blog. She's in the middle of a blog hop and you can not only meet some new authors, but you can win some wonderful prizes; books and bookmarks, trading cards (yes, they have those in romance writing), and other such things.
  • I'm in the middle of editing on a deadline, so that's why I'm quiet and quick about notes. I'll post a long, drawn out, meandering post once I come back up for air! ;)
When I'm done editing this beastie, I have several projects waiting for me, but I'm having a tough time choosing which one to work on. Wanna help me choose? Here's the list:

  •  Wolffe in Alien's Clothing - where you meet Thio Wolffe, sheriff of the little town of Hershel, Nevada, nestled against the border of Area 51. The boys in black come to him searching for an escaped woman engaged in espionage. He's a werewolf and he soon discovers that the woman they want is one, too. Nora Farkas has been held prisoner for two weeks, but now she's free and no one will take her back, not even the impossibly handsome Sheriff, who smells suspiciously like her True Mate.
  • The Bone Flute - Rain Szep is your average, ordinary Paleontologist working for the Bureau of Land Management in Las Vegas, Nevada. The only weird thing that's ever happened to her is her inheritance of a human femur carved with ancient runes and air holes. If that wasn't weird enough, there's a ghost attached to the bone flute; a sexy, handsome male ghost who desperately needs her help to be set free from his curse.
  • The Navy's Ghost - Lt. Christiana "Ghost" Brickman is the only woman to make it through BUD/S training and earned her Navy SEAL pin. Unfortunately, a bullet to her leg destroyed her career as a SEAL and she's at loose ends. Lt. Junior Grade Todd "Magic" Hunter and Lt. Jim "Retro" Waters have loved Ghost since they survived SERE training. They only admitted it when the bullet ripped through their lives. Chris loves them both; will she have to choose just one of her SEALs? Or can she have them both?
  • Dragon in Distress - Isabelle Andersen doesn't want to be sacrificed to the dragon for peace in their village. The dragon will only take virgins, though, so her goal is lose her virginity - fast. Jonarrion Swiftwind has been hunting and killing demons for centuries before he came to the little village in northern Scotland where a demon is masquerading as one of his people. However, his plans are thrown to the winds when he meets Isabelle and she has a unique request for him. She wants to give him her virginity so she won’t be sacrificed to the “dragon”. Little does she know she's found the only dragon in town.
 There are the four choices of upcoming projects. Do you have a particular story you'd like to read? Which is your favorite? Leave a comment with your vote. Don't forget to check out Morgan's blog! I hope your week goes well and I'll catch you next Monday. Happy reading!


  1. I'm voting for the Bone Flute...I know how those paleontologists are!

  2. I can't wait to read any of those stories, but I'm a BIG fan of Area 51 tales. And Thio has the best abs...

  3. Hehehe... such choices! I like the dragon one.

  4. Give me the werewolf..Yummy to look at and like the quick synopsis.


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