Saturday, January 15, 2011

Stepping out into the world

What do I say in my first-ever blog? It should be something witty and pithy and funny, but with serious elements that describe what kind of writer I am. And it should be smart enough, without too many spelling errots, uh, erros, uh, ERRORS, to make folks want to read more.

Yep, I'm sunk already.

So, I guess I should write about where I am now, what I'm doing, and what I'm working on.

At the moment, I have three manuscripts finished and three more half-way finished, and one more (under Meg Palevich) completed but in need of severe editing. I submitted one of the finished manuscripts to the Hot Prospects writing contest in September (got it back to edit some more, and rightly so) and another to the Golden Heart Writing Contest. Wish me luck on that one (it was better than the first one I finished); I should find out whether I made it into the final selection by March 2011.

An agent is reviewing one of the finished manuscripts and I hope to hear very soon that she's interested in pursuing more of my work (fingers crossed!)

All of my stories are set in worlds not quite our own or even different worlds entirely (I live in this one, why the heck would I write about it?) with creatures both fantastic and mundane (can a dragon be mundane?). All of them have some element of love, whether I describe it in vivid detail or just let folks know there's lovin' goin' on!

The stories could be considered fantasy (hey, I fantasize about them all the time!), but the new label out there is 'paranormal', where dragons aren't dragons, but shapeshifters who shift into winged, horned, lizards that blow fire (you know, dragons), and werewolves and vampires prowl. I have a couple of those. I also have Guardians (angels), giants, Faeries, selkies, ice demons, goblins, dryads, and one poor, unfortunate Hollywood actress who stepped into an alternate dimension that nearly got her killed.

Oh, and I nearly forgot about my Hungarian Barbarians! They are a lot like those Scottish romances except that they aren't Celtic, they speak a really difficult language to master, and they're descended from the Huns; most specifically Attila. Good times had by all.

So that's what's going on with me, the rookie to the blogging world. I hope you enjoy my few simple words here and the longer stories coming (hopefully soon) out for public consumption.


  1. I'm excited to add your blog to my reading list, and even more excited to see what your blog grows up into (because they don't seem to end up what they started out to be).

    welcome to the world of blogging may your motivation continue and your posting be frequent (so we followers always have something fun and interesting to read).

  2. You GO, GRRRRL! I've been reading and savoring your stories for many years, and have saved them all--they are my retirement fund in waiting ;-) I recall looking forward to the subsequent chapter with great anticipation, as you are a mastress (female master) of cliffhangers!
    Thank you for a way for your increasing number of fans to have a peek into your process. And what might be up your sleeve or rattling around in that creative brain of yours!


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