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Mid Week Tease - Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack - May the Best Wolf Win

Welcome to the Weird, the Wild, & the Wicked for a new year of Mid Week Tease hosted by Sandra Bunino.

Authors: this is a great opportunity to spotlight a few lines or even a paragraph or two from a new release or backlisted title. Readers: you get to sample some delicious snippets! We’ll do our best to tease, titillate and tantalize you into the weekend.

Today I'm offering snippets from Queen Bitch of the Callowwood Pack, a paranormal romantic suspense. Julianna Morris is invited to her high school crush's house for a party and meets up with the mysterious Sabrina. Then she finds out the town is a whole lot more furry than she originally thought, and she's at the alpha female selection party.

“Jeff is the next Alpha of the whole pack?”
Sebrina nodded with a satisfied smile. “He is. He has been groomed for this position since his birth some forty years ago.”
“Isn’t that a bit old to take over?”
Sebrina laughed, patting her hand again like an indulgent parent. “Oh my dear daughter, Moon Singers can live a hand of centuries, especially when they’re True Mated. Jefferson is quite young to take the reins.”
I’m going to live for centuries? “I see.”
“Tonight is a very special night because now the pack begins the search for the Luna.”
“Luna? Is that some sort of…Moon Princess?”
Sebrina looked at her shrewdly, her smile full of approval. “In a manner of speaking, yes. The Luna is the female Alpha, the feminine energy that balances the masculine. To be an effective leader, the future Alpha must pick his Luna, the female to rule with him with the Lady Moon’s blessing.”
Julianna bit her bottom lip and smoothed a wrinkle in the tablecloth in front of her. “Will the Luna be the Alpha’s mate for life?”
“Yes. They are a life-mated pair.”
He is your True Mate. Your male.
“How is the Luna chosen?”
“In the first days of the Moon Singers, when the Lady walked this world, it was a simple matter of the Alpha finding his True Mate and she would be the Luna. But as time passed, and Moon Singers were outnumbered by humans, it became harder for the Alphas to find their True Mates. Balanced leadership was still necessary, so the elders of each pack decreed that the strongest alpha females would be presented for candidacy for Luna in hopes that one of them was the True Mate to the new Alpha.”
“Wait, wait. You said alpha too many times here. What’s the difference between alpha”—Julianna used air quotes—“and Alpha?”
At first, Sebrina looked at Julianna as if she’d lost her mind. Then she lifted her chin in understanding and smiled.
“It is like referring to the president. There are many presidents out there, those of companies or clubs. But only one President of the humans’ United States. For Moon Singers, there are many alpha members, but only one Alpha pair. This candidacy party is for the selection of the Alpha female.”
“So the candidates for Luna are selected in…a beauty pageant?” Julianna’s eyes narrowed in disgust.
“Well, not for beauty, but to find the strongest and most capable female to lead the pack with the Alpha.” Sebrina gestured to the colorful female guests milling under the tents. “That’s what this party is about. This is where the Luna candidates will be presented to the ruling Alpha and his Successor.”

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  1. Julianna is undergoing a tutoring course! Why do I have a feeling she is in the running for the Alpha female position? Exciting tease, Siobhan!

    1. Thanks, Stella. Yeah, she doesn't know she's a huge part of this party yet, but she will soon. :D

  2. I can only imagine all of the things that must be running through Julianna's head as she discovers secrets about her town, her family and herself. I love this story. Great job, Siobhan!

    1. She's definitely getting a crash course in local history, that's for sure. Thanks for commenting, Reese. :)

  3. So much to take in on top of the emotions swirling through her. Really well done.

    1. And the emotions are running high and hot. Thanks for commenting, SJ. :)

  4. Def an education for her, and I must say I'm loving this world you've created there :-)

    1. Thanks, Doris. It was fun to hash out the intricacies of this society. :)

  5. This is a great world and an awesome story, Siobhan!

    1. Thank you, Nicola. Julianna still makes me smile. Jeff, too. :)

  6. The setting of your story is fabulous. Love the tease :-)

  7. That was so cool, Siobhan! I felt like we were all chilling around a campfire and getting the magical background of the folklore. Loved that vibe. :)


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